A Valentine Poem

by Shi

Shall I wait for you?
I ponder and question
The moments when you are not by my side
You wander endlessly vSeeking for eternity

Shall I look into your eyes?
I fear and dread
The time when I could no longer lie
I pretend uselessly
My will is futile and bent

Shall I touch you?
I do not wish to
Because the moment I do
You will know the truth
That I hide

Shall I speak to you?
My words are the fruit
Of an ever-proud mind
I shall say
The things that I do not mean

Shall I love you?
My heart could never lie
Even if forever I persist
To deceive it, and deny
That it has long since belonged to you

I have to try

This work is copyright 2016 Shi.
Please do not repost or distribute in any form without express written permission.