About this Site

Erotema is owned by Shi. It is part of The Honor & Blood Network and The InkySword Collective.

This site is an archive of Shi's original, unpublished poetry. It was launched on 17 July 2016.

Erotema, also known as erotesis," is a literary term. According to K. Wheeler's Literary Terms and Definitions, erotema is: "Asking a rhetorical question to the reader, i.e., 'What should honest citizens do?' Often the question is asked in order to get a definite answer from the reader. The erotema often implies an answer, but usually does not provide one explicitly."

Indeed, I believe that my poetry asks unspoken questions of the reader - about himself, about life, and everything else implied by my words. That is the beauty of literature.

Version 1 {Stone Butterfly}

The first version of this site is entitled Stone Butterfly. This is a song by The Yellow Monkey. The lyrics appearing on the showcase spread above were also taken from the song.

This design features a butterfly's photograph as the heavily edited centerpiece. The theme is a moody, abstract combination of burgundy and black. Thanks to Angela Pange for the layout graphics.