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Inky Sword Book Publishing is a small, fiercely independent publisher of stories borne of heart, soul and blood. We were established and started trading in February 2023.

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Inky Sword Book Publishing

This Love of Ours (Fiction 18+)

Four standalone romance novellas set in the Philippines. Four compelling heroes who will capture your heart…and never let go.

A twisted guardian angel. A daredevil racing king. A shadow assassin. An irresistible visionary.

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Fire of Courage (Fiction 7+)

Fire of CourageI am not a warrior.
My name is Uryana. I am twelve cycles old and a child of the Baraw tribe from the Sa-Babaw peaks.

My people have been plagued by the Serpent, a beast made of flame. It first devoured our livestock, then burned our fields and orchards to ashes. Our strongest warriors were called to face this creature, but each of them, including my own father, met their end at its merciless jaws. I was chosen by our tribe Elders to fight the Serpent. Will I be seeing my final dusk tonight, or will the hope and fire in my heart be enough to guide me in my greatest battle?

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Our books are available on Amazon worldwide in ebook/Kindle and international edition paperback formats.

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Our books are available in the Philippines on Shopee. Shipping will be from our Metro Manila partners directly to your home.

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We are available for creative writing, journalism and copywriting projects. We can write advertorials and reviews for your brand.

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When I Bleed Words (Poetry 13+)

An omnibus collection of 80 free-verse poems written across decades by award-winning author Shirley Siaton, When I Bleed Words tells the riveting story of a young woman’s journey through life.

Each piece is an evocative, eye-opening treatise from her heart, soul, and blood. Each verse is an honest, unpretentious testament to a world rife with beautiful intricacies, tribulations, and triumphs.

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